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This Ren'py framework is with the idea of facilitating the development of stories with RPG mechanics, with elements like.

  •  Inventory System
  • System of progression by levels based on experience
  • Quest System
  • Jobs System
  • Event Map System
  • Map Engine
  • Fight Engine
  • Calendar System
  • Animated in Game System
  • Menus in game
  • Avatar, NPC, mobs
  • Wizard tools

All this done as Python classes, which allows to relate (contain) the variables in object, which represent PC, NPC, world, building, monsters, etc.

What's next?

Well, for show maps, at the moment Tagon use screens, and python logic, but i'm doing test with dynamic displays and pygame on renpy. and doing test with renpy-CDS(Creator-Defined Statements) link. Whether it's to see what works best or which one achieves the different goals first, I personally would like to stick with "Screen Language" link, but it's up to see which one responds best with "NPC with route in Map Engine"

Ver 0.1.7.a.N1

Version 0.1.7.a.N1 is here more as a backup, it is not the final version and it can change

Future Minor Updates

  • Level 2 for Inventory System
  • Animation in game (simple mode with sound)
  • Skills for avatar
  • Interactive events on map for Event Map System
  • Avatar Class 100%
  • NPC Class 100%
  • Enemy Class 100%
  • Menus in Game 100%
  • Event Map System 80% (ver. 0.1.7.a.N1)
  • Event Map System 100%
  • Wizard tool - Map tiled to Tagon file
  • Wizard tool - Editor and make file for word_def
  • CDS 10% (ver. 0.1.7.a.N1)
  • CDS 50%

Future Mayor Updates

  • Level 1 for Quest System
  • NPC with route in Map Engine
  • Interactive tile for Map Engine
  • Improve integration with map made in tiled
  • Skills, inventory, etc in Fight Engine
  • Animated in Game System 100%
  • Wizard Tools 100%
  • CDS for Tagon

What's new in version 0.1.5a?

  • Animated in Game System 50%
  • Event Map System
    • bug fix
  • Wizard tool - Map tiled to Tagon file
    • refactoring

Version 0.1.3a

  • Inventory System
    • Level 2: Objects like, armors, weapons, etc
  • Menu in game 70%
  • NPC
    • Commands
      • add_inventory
      • use_item
      • add_item
      • drop_out_item
  • World
    • Commands
      • create_items_from_file 
        • "refactoring duo to the level 2 Inventory system"
  • jobs_data (Job system level 0 for party- bug fix)
    • "Class created for when a party is used, since each MC must hava its own data"
    • Commands
      • jobs_data(fname)
  • Avatar
    • New variables?attributes
    • Commands
      • use_equip
      • use_item (return value change to None)
      • add_item (return value change to None)
      • drop_out_item (return value change to None)
      • update_stats (refactoring)

Change log


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Demo with Tagon ver. 0.1.5a (Binary, Source Code, tools, doc and RPA file) 53 MB
Backup Tagon-0.1.7.a.N1.rar 29 MB

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